Jun 12, 2019

DataKitchen Releases Industry-Leading DataOps Book

Marks the Rise of DataOps within the Data Analytics Market

DataKitchen announced the release of the DataOps Cookbook Second Edition, the definitive guide to understanding and implementing DataOps. With over 5,000 copies already in circulation, the DataOps Cookbook is the industry’s leading book on DataOps, written by DataKitchen, creators of the industry’s first end-to-end DataOps software platform.

DataOps is a combination of tools and methods that applies Agile development, DevOps and lean manufacturing practices to data science. DataOps enables data organizations to accelerate the development of new analytics, deploy confidently with the push of a button, and reduce data errors to virtually zero.

“The DataOps Cookbook is a must-read for any data practitioner looking to foster collaboration, increase capacity and output, reduce errors, and accelerate time to market,” commented Wayne Eckerson, President of the Eckerson Group. “The Cookbook provides practical suggestions that you can implement immediately to evolve your data operations from an artisanal craft to an industrial process that delights your internal customers.”

As Chris Bergh, CEO and Head Chef at DataKitchen, stated: “Managers have asked us for boxes of books to distribute to their entire organization. Data professionals are forming study groups around the ‘DataOps Cookbook.’ DataOps is a methodology truly coming of age.”

Interest and buzz around DataOps continued its meteoric rise in 2019. Recent milestones include:

  • Over 7,000 signatures to the DataOps Manifesto
  • Gartner naming DataKitchen a “Cool Vendor” in Data Management, putting it on the elite list of the hottest new vendors
  • Searches on the term “DataOps” growing over 170% year over year
  • Gartner positioning of DataOps on the coveted innovation phase of the Hype Cycle for Data Management. DataOps inquiries at Gartner are up over 200% year over year.
  • DataOps ecosystem expanding to 70+ vendors and OSS projects
  • Media consumption of DataOps up sharply. For example, the DataOps Cookbook chapter titled “DataOps is Not Just DevOps for Data” has over 37K views as a stand-alone post.
  • Three industry conferences devoted to DataOps and tracks on DataOps at several other conferences
  • Analyst firms Gartner and Eckerson Group publishing extensively on DataOps.
  • Noted DevOps author Gene Kim including a chapter on DataOps in his latest book “The Unicorn Project.”

In addition to its exploration of data-analytics development and operations, the “DataOps Cookbook” is an actual cookbook with recipes that are sure to add cheer to your holiday feasts – try the Chile Mole.

To learn more about DataOps please refer to datakitchen.io.. The DataOps Cookbook is freely downloadable on the DataKitchen site.

About DataKitchen

DataKitchen, Inc. helps organizations turn data into value by offering the world’s first DataOps platform. With DataKitchen, data and analytic teams can orchestrate data to value and deploy features into production while automating quality. These teams benefit from delivering value quickly, with high quality, using the tools that they love. DataKitchen is leading the DataOps movement to incorporate Agile Software Development, DevOps, and lean manufacturing methods into analytics and data management. DataKitchen is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit datakitchen.io.

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