DataOps Trends 2019

Eckerson Group Trends in DataOps: Bringing Scale and Rigor to Data and Analytics

Most organizations are plagued by data silos, poor data quality, slow development processes, and a huge gulf between business and IT. DataOps promises to address these challenges and enable data teams to develop data pipelines “faster, better, cheaper.” DataOps therefore has the potential to heal the rift between business and IT and help organizations get more value from their data.

This report is a sequel to our June 2019 report Best Practices in DataOps: How to Create Robust, Automated Data Pipelines, which profiled numerous DataOps pioneers and examined the keys to their success. This report surveys data and analytics professionals and provides an overview of the trends in DataOps, including adoption rates, benefits, challenges, use cases, and data processing environments. Both reports should be read together.

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