The Complete End-to-End DataOps Solution


Deliver analytics fast, without errors, by testing what you develop and monitoring what you deploy.

The DataKitchen DataOps Platform enables organizations to quickly, intuitively, and successfully implement and manage DataOps, using the tools they already own. First, easily eliminate production errors and speed deployment. Then add other DataOps automations to accelerate DataOps adoption, drive productivity, and end data project failure before it occurs.


Eliminate Data Errors

DataKitchen enables you to dramatically improve data quality and reliability by catching costly and embarrassing errors early. Embed automated tests at every step in your production pipelines – from access to value delivery – for end-to-end observability of your data factory. Set customizable alerts to increase agility and reduce data downtime.


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Deploy Better Analytics Faster

Add a wide breadth of regression tests to your development pipelines so you can find and fix issues early, dramatically improving deployment times.  Reuse production tests in development to ensure that everything works as analytics move across environments, increasing confidence in the quality of your analytics.


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Measure and Improve Your Processes

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. The DataKitchen Platform provides unprecedented visibility into the state of your data operations.  Process metrics show how your teams are increasing collaboration, improving productivity, expanding test coverage, reducing errors, speeding deployment cycle times, and consistently meeting deadlines.

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Automate Any Manual Process

Accelerate DataOps adoption by automating your remaining processes, such as Orchestration, Environment Creation and Management, Self-Service Hub and Spoke Models, and new feature Deployment.

The DataKitchen Platform acts as a centralized process hub that coordinates your favorite tools and analytic activities across multiple teams, environments, and locations.  You save time and effort, and free up capacity to get more insight to your customers.


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Use the Tools You Love

Your teams already have the tools they need.  With the DataKitchen DataOps Platform, virtually any analytic tool – from data access to value delivery – can be leveraged to get your DataOps Program off the ground fast. 
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