Reclaim control of your data pipelines
and deliver value instantly, without errors.

The DataKitchen™ DataOps platform automates and coordinates all the people, tools, and environments in your entire data analytics organization – everything from orchestration, testing, and monitoring to development and deployment.

It’s DataOps, Delivered.

Pharma Data Analytics  Poor data quality

Orchestrate With the Tools You Love

You’ve already got the tools you need. Our platform automatically orchestrates your end-to-end multi-tool, multi-environment pipelines – from data access to value delivery.

Pharma Data Analytics  Poor data quality

Reduce Errors to Virtually Zero

Catch embarrassing and costly errors before they reach the end-user by adding any number of automated tests at every node in your development and production pipelines.

Foster Innovation with Safe Workspaces

Foster Innovation with Controlled Environments

Spin-up repeatable work environments in minutes to enable teams to make changes and experiment – without breaking production.

Deploy Faster than the Speed of Business

Deploy Faster than the Speed of Business

Fearlessly deploy new features into production with the push of a button. Free your teams from tedious, manual work that impedes innovation.

What is a DataOps Platform?

What’s Cookin’ at DataKitchen

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Customer Reviews

Case Study: Celgene's Product Launch

Celgene. See how a leading pharmaceutical company used DataOps to significantly improve product launch success and:

  • Reduce cycle time from weeks (or months) to just one day.
  • Reduce errors to practically zero (just one per year!).
  • Dramatically increase visualization output each week (from 50 to 1500).
  • Dramatically increase staff productivity
Read the Case Study and Blog Post

Case Study: Catholic Relief Services

CRS One of the largest international relief organizations used DataOps to understand their donors and increase funds to help 130 million people in more than 90 countries. With DataOps, the team was able to update their database daily and make real-time changes in Tableau, while still using the tools they love.

The DataOps Manifesto. Join The Revolution

18 Points That Will Rock Your World. Join the Thousands of People Who Have Already Signed The DataOps Manifesto.

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