Automate Data Governance

DataGovOps establishes robust governance without stifling innovation. It modernizes data governance by eliminating manual processes. Automated governance-as-code ensures that continuous governance executes in tandem with development and deployment activities. Instead of constraining users, DataGovOps promotes the active and safe use of data at scale.

Reduce Self-Service Anxiety

As organizations adopt self-service analytics to spur creativity, they face new security and governance challenges.  The DataKitchen DataOps Automation Software solves these challenges by providing on-demand, controlled self-service sandboxes, called Kitchens, that contain everything users need to safely create and innovate – pre-configured tools, test data, security, etc.  If a user violates governance policies, governance-as-code alerts the governance team or automatically revokes access.

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Continuously Monitor Data Quality

A manual data quality assessment represents a moment in time. The DataKitchen DataOps Observability and Automation Software automates continuous testing and monitoring of data at each stage of the analytics pipeline to give you access to real-time data quality information.  Error alerts pinpoint exactly where problems are detected so they can be addressed quickly. Continuous testing also fills your process lineage with testing artifacts that give confidence in the quality of the data.  

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Automate Updates to Your Data Catalog

How often do your data catalog and glossary updates lag deployment, reducing the accuracy of these important resources?  With workflow automation, the DataKitchen DataOps Automation Software ensures that governance assets are updated concurrently with all code and analytics changes as part of automated deployments. Catalog changes are no longer an afterthought or extra work heaped upon busy data analysts.

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Process Lineage at Your Fingertips

Data progresses through numerous toolchains, locations, and platforms on its journey to value. The DataKitchen DataOps Observability Software enhances data lineage by documenting metadata about the processes that act upon the data. Process code, test results, and timing results are all stored so it is easy to track what happens during the end-to-end process.  When it’s time to troubleshoot a problem or review execution, DataGovOps puts the process information you need at your fingertips.


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