DataOps Software for Data Production/Operations Team

Reclaim Control of Your Daily Production Processes

When data projects fail, temporary band-aid solutions will only get you so far. With the DataKitchen DataOps Software, your team stops failure before it occurs. The Platform automates the key functions of production and development workflows, resulting in low errors, fast insight, more collaboration, and less blame. 

It is a huge productivity win when someone on the team no longer needs to constantly log in and monitor runs. I used to feel very, very careful when changing anything data-related, but I think you’re starting to see that it’s not that big a deal anymore, because [if something goes wrong] we can now figure out what happened pretty quickly, and we can adjust it. That is going to lead to more innovation for our company. 

VP, Data Management & Analytics, Global Software Company

Eliminate Production Errors

With the DataKitchen Software, embed any number of tests directly within each and every step of your production pipelines, from data access to value delivery. Automated alerts increase agility and reduce data downtime.

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Empower Self-Service Analytic Teams

Easily create self-service DataOps sandboxes (Kitchens) on-demand to empower data users with the analytic workspaces they need to do data work safely and independently, while adhering to centralized governance and control.


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Deploy With Confidence

Automate manual steps so that your process evolves from patchwork to a true continuous deployment pipeline. No longer worry about breaking anything because the DataKitchen Platform validates that you deploy only when code is tested and ready. 

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Collaborate and Share with Ease

Collaboration is easy when everyone uses the same platform. A single system-level view of the end-to-end analytic process enables everyone to see how their work impacts the whole. The DataKitchen Platform also enables anyone to save, reuse, and share important analytic components with other team members – a significant productivity enhancer.


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DataOps Software

DataOps Automation: Orchestrate and automate your data toolchain to deliver insight with few errors and a high rate of change. [Enterprise]

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Monitor every Data Journey in an enterprise, from source to customer value, in development and production.

Simple, Fast Data Quality Test Generation and Execution. Your Data Journey starts with verifying that you can trust your data.

Orchestrate and automate your data toolchain to deliver insight with few errors and a high rate of change.