DataOps Software Enables Data Products

Build Data Products with DataOps Software

DataOps software is the factory that builds, maintains, and monitors data products. It is the glue that automates workflows and simplifies the chaos resulting from multiple data products.

 If you don’t have DataOps in your toolkit, you ain’t going to be data meshing anything. 

Kurt Zimmer, Head of Data Engineering for Data Enablement, Astrazeneca

Orchestrate Seamlessly Across Domains

Data Products are developed with their unique toolchains, infrastructure, and workflows. DataKitchen’s Meta-Orchestration capability manages the order of operations and integrates local domain orchestrations into one single, seamless product. Users can work independently without worrying about how their work impacts the bigger picture.

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Eliminate Data Errors

Changes within one data mesh domain can cause unintended errors within other domains. DataKitchen’s testing and monitoring capability automatically verifies updated analytics within the system context, so errors are caught and addressed early.

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Build a Composable System

No domain team is an expert in the entire system, yet local changes can unintentionally impact other domains. With the DataKitchen Platform, instantly spin up self-service work environments (called Kitchens) that replicate the end-to-end system environment. Now, users can safely test code changes in a sandbox replica of the production release environment. 

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Monitor every Data Journey in an enterprise, from source to customer value, in development and production.

Simple, Fast Data Quality Test Generation and Execution. Your Data Journey starts with verifying that you can trust your data.

Orchestrate and automate your data toolchain to deliver insight with few errors and a high rate of change.

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