Data Observability

Reduce Analytic Errors to Virtually Zero

Business customers will only adopt analytics they trust. The DataKitchen DataOps Observability and Automation software enables you to add automated tests to every step in your development and production pipelines – so you catch costly and embarrassing errors before your customers do. Now you can spend less time worrying about what went wrong, and earn respect and appreciation for everything that goes right.

The DataKitchen Observability and Automation software enable our team to easily bake new tests into our pipelines as we learn more over time. When we first implemented DataOps, we reduced errors to just about one per quarter. We kept adding tests over time, and now it has been several years since we’ve had any major glitch. This has dramatically increased the efficiency of our team and the confidence of our end stakeholders in the data.

Rajesh Gill
Director of Commercial Insights, Amgen (formerly Celgene)

Eliminate Production Errors

Embed any number of tests directly within each and every step of your production pipeline, from data access to value delivery. Every failure or anomaly encountered is an opportunity to create an additional test and increase the robustness of your pipelines over time.

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Deploy Error-Free Analytics

Easily add a wide breadth of tests to your development pipelines to build confidence in the quality of the assets you deploy. Promote validation tests from analytics development environments into production to verify data operations.

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Set Customizable Alerts

Alerts and notifications increase agility and reduce downtime. The DataKitchen Observability and Automation software allows you to fine-tune who receives an alert and when. Alerts can be configured to be sent via email or by way of integration with popular collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Democratize Data Quality Efforts

Any team member can add tests, regardless of tool preference or technical ability. The DataKitchen Automation software’s standardized interface allows users to create tests in their tool of choice, or within the Platform to span multiple tools. Technical users can create data flow tests, while business stakeholders can apply business logic tests, among many others.

DataOps Observability with the Observability Software

Reduce errors and build trust in the quality of your data.


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Monitor every Data Journey in an enterprise, from source to customer value, in development and production.

Simple, Fast Data Quality Test Generation and Execution. Your Data Journey starts with verifying that you can trust your data.

Orchestrate and automate your data toolchain to deliver insight with few errors and a high rate of change.