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The benefits of DataOps, delivering faster with fewer errors, are desirable. But getting started can be hard. Leading a DataOps initiative within an enterprise can require new methodologies, a strategic roadmap, tools automation, and a change in corporate culture – whew! DataKitchen’s DataOps Consulting Services provide concrete, actionable steps for success. Choose from among these different service offerings or customize a program to meet your organization’s needs.

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Identify obstacles to remove and opportunities to grow

Choose from two types of 3½ day assessments – go broad into operations or go deep into data quality.

  • DataOps Assessment:  Look holistically at your organization and operations – both the production system and the development process.  You can take the virtual version of our Maturity Model Assessment here.
  • Data Quality Assessment: Focus on the data quality in your organization.  Assess the source of data quality issues along each step of the production pipeline, from source to integration to value. 

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DataOps Consulting, Coaching, and Transformation

Deliver faster and eliminate errors

To help you realize the benefits of DataOps, we offer exactly what you and your organization need to succeed.

It can include one or all of the following:

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Workshops and Training
  • DataOps Transformation Project

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DataOps Training

Educate, align, and mobilize

Covers key topics from the DataOps Cookbook (3rd edition) in a format that educates the participants, aligns the organization, and mobilizes them to action and improvement.  To start, take our free online certification here.

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Commercial Pharma Agile Data Warehouse

Get trusted data and fast changes from your warehouse.

With this service, our Data Engineers work as part of your team to deliver a Commercial Pharma Agile Data Warehouse that you control.  

Our team integrates varied data sources into a single, cross-channel Agile Data Warehouse that supports your product launches and the ongoing growth of commercial products with high-quality, on-demand analytics.

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Ready to quantify obstacles and find opportunities to improve?


Meet The DataOps Experts

Christopher Bergh is the CEO and Head Chef at DataKitchen. Chris has more than 25 years of research, software engineering, data analytics, and executive management experience.  At various points in his career, he has been a COO, CTO, VP, and Director of engineering.  Chris is a recognized expert on DataOps.  He is the co-author of the ‘DataOps Cookbook” and the “DataOps Manifesto,” and a speaker on DataOps at many industry conferences. Chris has an M.S. from Columbia University and a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Gil Benghiat is one of three founders of DataKitchen, a company on a mission to enable analytic teams to deliver value quickly and with high quality using the tools they love. Gil’s career has always been data-oriented, starting with collecting and displaying network data at AT&T Bell Laboratories, managing data at Sybase, collecting and cleaning clinical trial data at PhaseForward, integrating pharmaceutical sales data at LeapFrogRx, and liberating data at Solid Oak Consulting. Gil has an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University and a BS in Applied Mathematics/Biology from Brown University. Now that he completed hiking all 67 of New England’s 4,000 peaks, he is exploring Boston harbor islands.

Eric Estabrooks is a Founder and VP of Cloud and Data Services at DataKitchen where he is focusing 

on client delivery and AWS cloud operations. Prior to DataKitchen, Eric was the VP of Cloud and Data Services at LeapFrogRx, acquired in 2013 by Model N (MODN), where be built a high performing data services team that had quality and process improvement baked into its DNA. LeapFrogRx provided a SaaS for analyzing sales & marketing data for its Pharma customers. Before coming to Boston, Eric was a lead developer and software architect at Premisys Corporation, acquired by J.D. Edwards, where he helped develop a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) platform for manufacturers of highly customizable products in a variety of industries.

Chip Bloche.

Read The Definitve Text On Enterprise DataOps Transofrmation

The Complete Guide to an Enterprise DataOps Transformation. See how data teams use DataOps to transform their organizations for business agility.


How to Start a DataOps Transformation at Your Organization »


6 Steps to an Enterprise DataOps Transformation »

Monitor every Data Journey in an enterprise, from source to customer value, in development and production.

Simple, Fast Data Quality Test Generation and Execution. Your Data Journey starts with verifying that you can trust your data.

Orchestrate and automate your data toolchain to deliver insight with few errors and a high rate of change.

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DataKitchen Consulting Services


Identify obstacles to remove and opportunities to grow

DataOps Consulting, Coaching, and Transformation

Deliver faster and eliminate errors

DataOps Training

Educate, align, and mobilize

Commercial Pharma Agile Data Warehouse

Get trusted data and fast changes from your warehouse



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