DevOps Is Not DataOps

DevOps Is Not DataOps

Arvind Murali, Intelligent Data podcast host, interviews DataKitchen CEO Chris Bergh about how DataOps helps improve the speed of data & analytics deployment.

DevOps Is Not DataOps

DataOps with Chris Bergh

Joe Reis, host of the Data Nerd Herd podcast & Ternary Data CEO & Co-Founder, interviews DataKitchen CEO Chris Bergh about what DataOps is & why it matters.

DevOps Is Not DataOps

What’s the Secret Recipe for DataOps?

Catalog & Cocktails podcast hosts Tim Gasper & Juan Sequeda of data.world interview DataKitchen CEO Chris Bergh on how to create the right DataOps culture & measuring the value of your DataOps strategy.

DevOps Is Not DataOps

Cooking with DataOps

The Data Stack Show podcast hosts Eric Dodds & Kostas Pardalis interview DataKitchen CEO Chris Bergh on why most data analytics projects fail, three things DataOps focuses on, comparing & contrasting DevOps & DataOps, & fixing problems at the source rather than downstream improvements.

DevOps Is Not DataOps

A Career & Passion for DataOps

Customer Insights Leader podcast host Paul Laughlin interviews DataKitchen CEO Chris Bergh about his career & passion for DataOps, how DataOps teams can measure success, & skills analysts should develop to succeed with DataOps.

DevOps Is Not DataOps

DataOps Is Not Just DevOps for Data

Building the Backend host Travis Lawrence interviews DataKitchen CEO Chris Bergh on three value bombs: (1) DataOps is not just DevOps for data; (2) Architect for change; & (3) CDOs should be on the offense.

Read The DataOps Cookbook

Learn how DataOps draws on lessons learned from the software and manufacturing industries to transform data chaos into one smooth, efficient process that delivers fast, error-free insight. Includes actual recipes too!

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