The Complete Enterprise DataOps Platform

 The DataKitchen DataOps Platform is your command center for DataOps. The Platform automates the key functions of your development and production workflows so cross-functional teams can seamlessly collaborate, quickly innovate, and instantly deliver the kind of error-free, on-demand insight that leads to one successful business decision after another.  


Tool-Agnostic DataOps

Your teams already have the tools they need.  With the DataKitchen DataOps Platform, virtually any analytic tool – from data access to value delivery – can be leveraged for successful DataOps.  The Platform supports a vast array of native tooling integrations and flexible methods for integrating new tools as they come available.

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Data organizations may be hierarchical and siloed, but analytics production cuts across teams, locations, and environments. The DataKitchen Platform meta-orchestrates all the steps in your production and development pipelines (and even pipelines of pipelines), providing a coherent framework for inter-team collaboration that transcends heterogeneous toolchains and distributed data centers.  

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Environment Creation and Management

With the DataKitchen Platform, create Kitchen workspaces in minutes – not weeks or months – to provide developers with a controlled and secure space to work. Kitchens contain pre-configured tools, datasets, hardware, and tests – everything users need to create and innovate.  When new analytics are ready, Kitchens streamline an individual’s work into a team’s work and eventually into production by seamlessly merging to aligned environments.

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Continuous Deployment

Analytics can’t be agile with manual, error-prone, and time-consuming release processes. The DataKitchen Platform automates the end-to-end deployment process allowing analytics teams to test and release new analytics on-demand. Kitchens align and integrate toolchain environments so continuous deployment orchestrations can easily migrate analytics to production.

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DataOps is NOT Just DevOps for Data

Automated Testing and Monitoring

Automated testing and monitoring is foundational to DataOps. The Platform enables you to dramatically improve data quality by catching costly and embarrassing data errors early.  Embed automated tests at every step in your production and development pipelines. Use failures as an opportunity to add more tests and increase the reliability of your pipelines over time. Preset alerts to increase agility and reduce data downtime. 

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Collaboration and Sharing

DataOps is a team effort, and the DataKitchen Platform fosters collaboration by providing a common place to work and a single view of the end-to-end analytic process.  Team members innovate and experiment in separate but aligned Kitchens, then integrate the collective work with confidence.  Teams can easily save and share commonly used parts of pipelines as Ingredients – a significant productivity multiplier.

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DataOps Process Analytics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. The DataKitchen Platform provides unprecedented visibility into the state of your data operations.  Process metrics show how your teams are increasing collaboration, improving productivity, expanding test coverage, reducing errors, speeding deployment cycle times, and consistently meeting deadlines.

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Modern, Secure, Scaleable Architecture

The DataKitchen Platform provides scalable and efficient end-to-end DataOps that adapts to your organization’s needs whether its on-prem, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure.

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