Open Source Data Observability and DataOps Software

You can’t rapidly deliver trusted customer insight at the right time without our Data Observability and DataOps Software’s ability to identify problems in complex data systems and apply automation so problems never happen again.

Open Source Data Observability Software

Data Journeys Span Your Data Estate

Do you have way too many data and analytic tools?  Can’t tell if they are working correctly?

DataOps Observability

Data breaks. Servers break. Your toolchain breaks. We ensure your team is the first to know and the first to solve with visibility across and down your data estate.  We monitor every tool, server, software, and data set to ensure your customer trusts your data (and team!).

TestGen UI -- Profiling

Simple, Fast Data Quality Test Generation and Execution. Your data engineering starts with verifying that you can trust your data.

DataOps TestGen

Say goodbye to the complexity of writing data quality validation tests yourself. DataOps TestGen takes care of that for you, automating the terms and conditions of your data contract through simple, automatically generated data test creation, execution, and profiling.

Key Data Observability Use Cases

Data Analytics Use Case When Does it Happen Data Observability Challenge Key Data Observability Product Feature Key Benefit
Patch (or pushback): New data analysis and cleansing Before New Data Sources Are Added To Production Evaluate new data, find data hygiene issues, and communicate with your data providers. DataOps TestGen’s data profiling of 51 data characteristics, then 27 data hygiene detector suggestions; UI to review and disposition Save time, lower errors, improve data quality
Poll: Updates to existing data sources; Data ingestion monitoring Continually Find anomalies in data updates and notify the proper party in the right place. DataOps TestGen’s auto-generation of data anomaly tests: freshness, schema, volume, and data drift checks. DataOps Observability Data Journeys, overview UI, and notification rules and limits Find problem data quickly, save time, lower errors
Production: Monitoring of multi-tool, multi-data sets, multi-hop, data analytic production processes. During The Production Cycle Find data, SLA, and toolchain problems, local quickly, and notify quickly. DataOps TestGen’s auto-generation of 32 data quality validation tests based on data profiling. 2 custom test types. Fast in database SQL execution (no data copies). DataOps Observability’s end-to-end Data Journeys are digital twins that represent your entire process and allow you to find, alert, and fix quickly. Stop embarrassing customer errors, gain customer data trust, lower errors, improve team productvity
Push: Development Unit, Regression Tests, and Impact Assessment. During The Development Process Find problems in data or tools in development to validate code/configuration changes. The combination of DataOps Observability and DataOps TestGen can be run in your development environment against test data to provide functional, unit, and regression tests. Improve the speed and lower the risk of changes to production, less wasted time, improve productivity.
Parallel: Checking data accuracy during Data Migration projects: “Does It Match’? During a Data Migration Process Checking two data similar data sets or processes so they produce the same results. DataOps TestGen can find errors between migrated data sets by comparing source and target data quality tests. DataOps Observability can monitor legacy tools and migrated cloud tools at the same time. Lower risk of data errors and improve project delivery time.

DataOps Automation Software

Day 1 is building your data solution.   Day 2 focuses on reducing production errors.  Day 3 is reducing the time and risk of new changes.  Focus on Day 3.

DataOps Automation

 DataOps Automation meta-orchestrates all the steps in your production and development pipelines, providing a coherent framework for inter-team collaboration that transcends heterogeneous toolchains and distributed data centers. Permanently fix the cause of errors and bottlenecks by automating all your chosen technologies’ testing, deployment, and orchestration.

DataKitchen Works With Your Existing Data & Analytic Toolchain

Your teams already have the tools they need (and love!).  With the DataKitchen DataOps Observability and Automation Software, virtually any analytic tool – from data access to value delivery – can be leveraged for successful DataOps.  The Software supports a vast array of native tooling integrations and flexible methods for integrating new tools as they come available.

and many more…..

DataKitchen provides software to observe and automate every data journey in an organization, from source to customer value, in development and production, so that teams can deliver insight to their customers with few errors and a high rate of new insight creation.

Our software allows data and analytic teams to observe, test, and automate the tools, data, processes, and environments in their entire data analytics organization, providing massive increases in quality, cycle time, and team productivity.

Start Improving Your Data Quality Validation and DataOps Today!


Open Source Data Observability Software

DataOps Observability: Monitor every Data Journey in an enterprise, from source to customer value, and find errors fast! [Open Source, Enterprise]

DataOps TestGen: Simple, Fast Data Quality Test Generation and Execution. Trust, but verify your data! [Open Source, Enterprise]

DataOps Software

DataOps Automation: Orchestrate and automate your data toolchain to deliver insight with few errors and a high rate of change. [Enterprise]

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Monitor every Data Journey in an enterprise, from source to customer value, in development and production.

Simple, Fast Data Quality Test Generation and Execution. Your Data Journey starts with verifying that you can trust your data.

Orchestrate and automate your data toolchain to deliver insight with few errors and a high rate of change.