Iowa Caucuses, do your DataOps

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Blog, DataOps Principles

Everyone has heard by now that there is an issue with counting the ballots in the Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses.  It’s all over the news.


What we just learned is that the reporting system, not the app they created, is the source of the errors.

I know we have all been there. A team works hard to integrate and report on data from various applications, and then you find out it’s WRONG. I get a pit in my stomach just thinking of the times it has happened to me. Now imagine you are in charge of that Iowa team, and your ETL coding error is worldwide front-page news.

This is a common failure pattern in data analytic systems.

That’s why we formed DataKitchen. To help teams not find embarrassing errors in production reports and then stress everyone to fix the problem while your customers watch and roll their eyes.

The Iowa Caucus problem is one of the best reasons to do #DataOps. We all want to avoid writing an email to the entire world that says: “We have determined that this was due to a coding issue in the reporting system.”

#IowaCaucuses do your #DataOps

All the best,
Christopher Bergh, CEO and Head Chef DataKitchen

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