Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic

by | May 15, 2019 | Blog

Without Finding You Real Bottleneck, Your Are Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic!

In a recent blog article, Eckerson Group reiterates a common refrain we at DataKitchen have heard for many years: ‘we just need better tools for my team members to do their job and magic will happen.”

It is not about tools each person uses to do their job. The real goal, as the VP from Stitch Fix states, is for the team “to control their iteration cycles and that often increases velocity.” That bottleneck is not solved because you have replaced someone writing SQL or Python with a nice UI based tool or one backed by a few algorithms. Those tools and people create code. And that code, as you will see in the forthcoming results of our DataOps survey, is deployment to production too infrequently and is riddled with embarrassing errors that are caught by end customers.

A recent study by NewVantage Partners, conducted among top managers and technical directors, showed that only 37% of companies attempting to become data-driven approach could boast good results.

Teams need to focus on those operational bottlenecks first to create an iterative, agile, high velocity of innovation environment.

Otherwise, it’s just deck chairs on the Titanic.

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