Product Implementation and Training


We’re here to help you successfully implement DataOps. DataKitchen’s Product Implementation and Training Services makes transforming your data organization with DataOps simple and painless. Our DataOps experts work by your side to install and configure your DataOps Platform following best practices.  

DataKitchen’s Product Implementation Services include: 

  • Installation and deployment of the DataKitchen DataOps Platform.
  • Identification of one or more optimal DataOps pilot use cases to get your program started. Hands-on assistance throughout your pilot
  • Review of DataOps best practices.
  • Product training and ongoing support for Data, DataOps, and QA Engineers. 
  • Partner training and support.

The result? Before you know it, your team will be up and running with DataOps. They’ll stop worrying about everything that went wrong and start winning respect and appreciation for everything that goes right.

Want to See Our Platform in Action?


Read The DataOps Cookbook

Learn how DataOps draws on lessons learned from the software and manufacturing industries to transform data chaos into one smooth, efficient process that delivers fast, error-free insight. Includes actual recipes too!