Agile Data Lake And Warehouse

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Conquer These Eight Challenges

As a CDO, VP or Director in charge of analytics it is your job to help your business partners drive growth and analytics play a key role. Do you find yourself thwarted by these challenges?

  • Too much work
    You cannot keep up with the requests from your business partners and they are getting frustrated.
  • Data Errors
    Data will eventually contain errors, which can be difficult to resolve quickly.
  • Bad Data Ruins Good Reports
    When data errors work their way through the data pipeline into published analytics you lose credibility.
  • The Goalposts Keep Moving
    Your world is demanding and dynamic. Requirements from sales, marketing and executives change constantly and the requests for new analytics never cease.
  • Multitude of Tools
    Your shop uses numerous tools, languages and technologies. The pitch from third party vendors to standardize around one tool or technology for all your needs is impractical.
  • Data Pipeline Maintenance Never Ends
    Every new or updated data source, schema enhancement, analytics improvement or other change triggers an update to the data pipeline. These updates may be consuming 80% of your team's time.
  • Manual Process Fatigue
    Manual procedures for data integration, quality assurance and deployment of new analytics are error prone, time-consuming and tedious.
  • Cloud Technology
    The cloud offers significant benefits, but migrating to the cloud is a daunting task.

How to succeed

Agile Data Lake And Warehouse  Successful projects generate lots of requests.

As the leader of a data-analytics organization, you need the ability to move features from a dev environment to production with high velocity and safety -- to be more agile. You need to respond rapidly to requests for more data integrations or more business logic. You need to know when data goes bad so you can take corrective action and avoid having your customers discover the errors and lose faith in analytics. You need to have your processes automated and quality integrated and not be locked into one tool-centric approach.

Agile Data Warehouse Solution

Our DataKitchen DataOps platform will enable you to quickly iterate and deploy new code and data sets while improving quality, unlike a patchwork of manual operations or a single vendor solution. DataKitchen makes your team shine by providing an end to end DataOps solution with minimal programming that uses the tools you love. In short, our platform will:

Agile Data Lake And Warehouse  Un-maintainable system

Orchestrate data to customer value

Run your favorite tool at the right time and run integrated quality checks to make sure bad data does not slip into your customers' hands or systems. Our platform also manage the code produced by your tools.

Agile Data Lake And Warehouse  Data Errors

Deploy ideas to production

Our platform will help you get your new ideas into production quickly by simplifying the process of branching & merging code, managing work environments, automating deployment, parameterizing the process, and promoting re-use.

Agile Data Lake And Warehouse  Error prone process

Automate and monitor quality

While orchestrating data to customer value or deploying ideas to production our platform provides a framework for automated tests so you can work with confidence.

Agile Data Lake And Warehouse  Speed ideas to production.

Our platform can be configured to support static environments (e.g. development, test, stage, and production) or a more dynamic cloud test and promotion infrastructure.

Once set-up, the operations of the DataOps Platform can be easily and seamlessly transitioned to an internal team.

If you are just starting your agile journey, we provide transformation services in the form of training or strategic consulting.

Agile Data Lake And Warehouse

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A DataOps powered team will be able to support the business by delivering value faster and with higher quality using the tools that they love.

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