DataKitchen Introduces DataOps Transformation Advisory Service

by | Oct 26, 2020 | News / PR, Press Release

Cambridge, Mass. – October 26, 2020. DataKitchen, creators of the first end-to-end DataOps Software Platform, today announced the launch of a new advisory service focused on helping customers achieve an enterprise DataOps transformation. As DataOps has become more widely adopted across just about every industry, many organizations struggle with how exactly to deploy the processes and principles of this methodology. Recognizing the challenge facing enterprise organizations, DataKitchen’s Transformation Advisory Service leverages its industry-leading DataOps expertise and provides customers with the critical capabilities needed to launch a successful and sustainable DataOps initiative.

Through DataKitchen’s DataOps Transformation Advisory Service, customers can choose from a comprehensive menu of services designed to assist their organization on a DataOps journey. These services help organizations answer key DataOps questions such as, among others, how to formulate a long-term strategy, how to assess organizational readiness, and how to structure a team. Services include the following.

  • Strategic DataOps Services – DataKitchen’s experts articulate and execute critical elements of a DataOps plan such as a long-term strategy, executive sponsorship, team structure, and cultural change.
  • Technical DataOps Services – DataKitchen assesses the technical architecture of an Enterprise Data Platform and recommends a path to an enterprise-wide deployment of DataOps.
  • Maturity Model Assessment – DataKitchen applies its proprietary Maturity Model framework to assess an organization’s current DataOps capabilities and create an actionable framework for improvement.
  • DataOps Dojo – Modeled after the DevOps Training Dojo concept, DataKitchen establishes an organization’s DataOps Dojo and provides ongoing support.
  • DataOps Reporting and Metrics Development – DataKitchen develops a 360-degree view of team and project productivity metrics (e.g., errors, test coverage, deployment speed/frequency, collaboration
  • Agile Team Training – DataKitchen’s experts teach data science and analytic teams how to apply Agile processes in order to deliver high-quality business value quickly.

“Many companies know that DataOps provides the foundation for analytic excellence, but struggle when it comes to designing and executing a DataOps plan. Our software is an important piece of the puzzle because it automates all the critical elements of a DataOps program – orchestration, testing, environment creation and management, and deployment,” said Chris Bergh, Founder and CEO at DataKitchen. “However, some companies desire more strategic and technical support. Our new Transformation Advisory Service helps them to quickly and effectively stand up the other important elements of a DataOps program – people and processes – to ensure DataOps success.”

To learn more about DataKitchen’s Transformation Advisory Services:

  • Attend the upcoming webinar, How to Start a DataOps Transformation at Your Organization, on October 28th. Register here.
  • Read the White Paper, 6 Steps to an Enteprise DataOps Transformation. Download here.
  • Visit our website here.

About DataKitchen – DataKitchen’s DataOps Platform simplifies complex toolchains, environments, and teams, so data organizations can quickly innovate, seamlessly collaborate, and instantly deliver the kind of error-free, on-demand insight that leads to one successful business decision after another. The end-to-end platform automates the key ingredients of a DataOps program – orchestration, testing, monitoring, environment creation and management, and deployment of new analytics – so your data team can get back to doing what they love. DataKitchen is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit

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