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DataOps is a hot topic these days.  It’s not surprising given that DataOps holds true potential for enabling enterprise data teams to generate significant business value from their data.  Companies that implement DataOps find that they are able to slash cycle times from weeks (or months) to one day, virtually eliminate data errors, and dramatically improve the productivity of data engineers and analysts.

Does your organization need DataOps?  Take this 1-minute survey to find out and also see how you stack up against your peers.

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25% or lower – Great job, you’ve got a smoothly functioning data organization.

25-50% –  You’re doing okay, but there is room for improvement. 

50-75% –  DataOps can definitely help eliminate bottlenecks in cycle time and/or errors. 

75% or higher – Call in the DataOps consultants.  

Don’t worry if you scored on the high end, you are far from alone.  See how you stack up against other organizations by reviewing the results from our 2019 DataOps Survey.

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