Gartner – Top Trends in Data & Analytics for 2021: XOps

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Blog, DataOps Principles

Gartner identified XOps (DataOps, ModelOps, DevOps) as one of the top trends in data and analytics for 2021.  Below we provide additional suggestions for further reading based on Gartner’s recommendations.

What is XOps? 

Gartner: “The multiplication of Ops disciplines stemming out of DevOps best practices has caused significant confusion in the marketplace. Yet, their reconciliation can bring significant advantages to organizations that are able to harmonize those disciplines.” 

DataKitchen Blog: Why Are There So Many *Ops Terms?  See Figure 1

Figure 1: Ops terms can be organized by team and technical environment/process.


Gartner: “XOps practices link development, deployment and maintenance together to create a shared understanding of requirements, transfer of skills and processes for monitoring and maintaining analytics and AI artifacts (see Figure 2).”

DataKitchen White Paper: DataOps is NOT Just DevOps for Data

DataKitchen Blog: Improving Teamwork in Data Analytics with DataOps

Figure 2: XOps practices link together DataOps, ModelOps, and DevOps.


Gartner: Most analytics and AI projects fail because operationalization is only addressed as an afterthought. The top barrier to scaling analytics and AI implementations is complexity around integrating the solution with existing enterprise applications and infrastructure.”

DataKitchen Blog – For Data Team Success, What You Do Is Less Important Than How You Do It


Gartner: “Utilize the best practices of DataOps and ModelOps in symphony to reduce friction between various machine learning (ML) and AI artifacts, and to reduce friction between the teams associated with them.”

DataKitchen Blog: Deliver AI and ML Models at Scale with ModelOps

DataKitchen On-Demand Webinar:  Your Model is Not an Island: Operationalize Machine Learning at Scale with ModelOps

For more information, you can read the entire Gartner report here

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