Cloud DataOps

Tame a Sea of Tools and APIs

Your data team is smart, but it’s impossible for them to learn every cloud DevOps and workflow tool required for successful DataOps. Instead, a DataOps Platform harmonizes a complicated set of cloud tools and processes into a single, seamless system. With a DataOps Platform, system complexity will never outpace your team’s capabilities or customer demands.


Support for all major cloud service providers

Meta-Orchestrate ALL Your Tools and Pipelines

Successful analytics involves the orchestration of two complex pipelines – production and development – across teams, locations, and environments. Unlike simple cloud orchestration tools, DataKitchen’s DataOps Platform meta-orchestrates this complexity into one unified test-enabled workflow, enabling your teams to work fast and collaborate more effectively.

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Test Your Entire Analytic System

Build trust in the quality of your analytics with automated testing and monitoring. DataKitchen’s integrated testing framework orchestrates tests across the entire analytic system, including production and development. Any team member can add tests, regardless of tool preference or technical ability. A standardized interface allows users to create tests in their tool of choice, or within the Platform to span multiple tools.  

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Effortlessly Create Development Workspaces

The provision of development environments is more challenging in data analytics due to the complexity of tools, test data, and infrastructure. The DataKitchen Platform provisions complete, governed, self-service workspaces on-demand. Each contains pre-configured tools, datasets, hardware, and tests – everything that users need to confidently experiment and develop new features.

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Deploy Across a Single System

Data analytics deployment is significantly more complex than the ‘build-test-deploy’ paradigm of the software world. DataKitchen’s Platform ensures that environments, testing, and deployment all operate together as one system so new analytics seamlessly migrate to production and run successfully – without breaking anything. 

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White Paper

DataOps Is NOT Just DevOps for Data

Foster Collaboration

Data science, engineering, and analytics work takes place across organizations, teams, and data centers. The DataKitchen Platform fosters collaboration by providing a single view of the end-to-end analytics process. Teams can also easily share reusable components – a significant productivity multiplier.

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Improve Performance with Process Metrics

Although cloud tools may provide tool-specific data and logs, the DataKitchen Platform produces one combined data store with system-wide process metrics for the entire analytic system. It’s easy to collect and report on process lineage and other operational metrics, including collaboration, productivity, errors, and deployment time, so the team can see how they are improving over time

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