Observability and Mission Control

Be Analytic About Your Analytics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. The DataKitchen DataOps Platform provides unprecedented visibility into the state of your data operations.  One combined data store with system-wide process metrics for the analytic system as a whole facilitates the collection, governance, reporting, and troubleshooting of process lineage and other operational metrics.

Catch Errors and Model Drift Early

The DataKitchen Platform collects order run information from every recipe execution for fine-grained transparency into your end-to-end system. Metrics track test results and order run duration. Statistical Process Control clearly shows when models drift or identifies tests that fail most frequently.

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Stay Ahead of Your Data Sources

A proactive data team doesn’t wait for a data source to be late before taking action. With the DataKitchen Platform’s Pulse Reports, view real-time status of analytic build operations. Learn whether data sources are on time and builds are on track in order to resolve issues before they reach the customer.

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Process Lineage at Your Fingertips

Data progresses through numerous toolchains, locations, and platforms on its journey to value. The DataKitchen Platform enhances data lineage by documenting metadata about the processes that act upon the data. Process code, test results, and timing results are all stored so it is easy to track what happens during the end-to-end process.  When it’s time to troubleshoot a problem or review execution, the DataKitchen Platform puts the process information you need at your fingertips.

A Single Pane Of Glass Across Your Organization’s Data Journies

The Mission Control home page pinpoints areas of concern and provides a big-picture assessment of the state of the analytics team and their production pipelines. Process metrics show how your teams are increasing collaboration, improving productivity, expanding test coverage, reducing errors, speeding deployment cycle times, and consistently meeting deadlines.

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