Production DataOps

Build a Factory of Continuous High-Quality Insight

The first phase in DataOps is to orchestrate your existing production pipelines for low errors. The DataKitchen DataOps platform enables you to connect all the people and tools in the data factory and monitor it every step of the way.  A highly-observable, error-free analytic system increases your team’s productivity and earns the trust and confidence of your business customers.

It is a huge productivity win when someone on the team no longer needs to constantly log in and monitor runs. I used to feel very, very careful when changing anything data-related, but I think you’re starting to see that it’s not that big a deal anymore, because [if something goes wrong] we can now figure out what happened pretty quickly, and we can adjust it. That is going to lead to more innovation for our company.”

– VP, Data Management & Analytics, Global Software Company

24 x 7 Production Monitoring

Identify and resolve errors as quickly as possible. The DataKitchen Platform observes your end-to-end production pipelines 24×7 to validate the correctness of your data and analytics.

No Process Changes Required

Seamlessly integrate a wide depth and breadth of automated tests into your existing production system.  Anyone can write tests regardless of tool preference or technical ability, using their tool of choice or the DataKitchen UI.

Small Team, Big Results

Implement with a small team, single team member, or for a single pipeline and watch errors evaporate.


Data Observability with the DataKitchen Platform

Reduce errors and build trust in the quality of your data.


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