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by | Jul 9, 2019 | Blog

As we wrote in our last blog, a pharmaceutical company faced numerous difficulties when implementing marketing automation for multiple global business units:

  • Difficulties with database drift and database integration
  • Lack of technical infrastructure to implement Agile
  • Constantly changing requirements from users
  • Inability to keep up with the users’ continuous demands for updates and enhancements

To address these challenges, the company utilized the DataKitchen DataOps Platform. The data team adopted Agile methods which began to add value in weeks instead of months. DataKitchen was also used to oversee and monitor the end-to-end data pipeline. With the DataKitchen solution, the company is now able to:

  • Automate and monitor data pipelines – Data flows from sources to user analytics in a continuous pipeline .
  • Implement continuous deployment – New analytics are tested and deployed to users with speed and confidence using automation.
  • Control quality – Data is continuously monitored for anomalies with alerts and dashboards that provide real-time information about data quality and operations.
  • Manage sandboxes – Development environments are created as needed to prevent enhancements from disrupting operations.

Business Impact

With the DataKitchen Platform, the company was able to break the long 18-month project into sprints and began to deliver value in six weeks. The agility of the DataKitchen DataOps approach enabled the analytics team to rapidly respond to changing user requirements with a continuous series of enhancements. Users no longer waited months to add new data sources or make other changes. The team can now deploy new data sources, update schemas and produce new analytics quickly and efficiently without fear of disrupting the existing data pipelines.

DataKitchen’s lean manufacturing control helped the team be more proactive addressing data quality issues. With monitoring and alerts, the team is now able to provide immediate feedback to data suppliers about issues and can prevent bad data from reaching user analytics. All this has led to improved insight into customers and markets and higher impact marketing campaigns that drive revenue growth.


DataKitchen’s DataOps Platform helped this pharmaceutical company achieve its strategic goals by improving analytics quality, responsiveness, and efficiency. DataKitchen software provides support for improved processes, automation of tools, and agile development of new analytics. With DataKitchen, the analytics team was able to deliver value to users in 1/10th the time, accelerating and magnifying their impact on top line growth.

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