Key Success Metrics, Benefits, and Results for Data Observability Using DataKitchen Software

At DataKitchen, we would like to share some key success metrics of Data Observability Using DataKitchen DataOps Observability and DataOps TestGen.

Key Success Metrics, Benefits, and Results for Data Observability Using DataKitchen Software


Lowering Serious Production Errors

Key Benefit

Errors in production can come from many sources – poor data, problems in the production process, being late, or infrastructure problems.   Reducing the errors your customers find and those they do not are key success metrics of Data Observability Using DataKitchen DataOps Observability and DataOps TestGen.

DataKitchen Customer Quotes

“After implementing, we reduced errors to just about one per quarter. We kept adding tests over time; it has been several years since we’ve had any major glitches. This has dramatically increased our team’s efficiency and our end stakeholders’ confidence in the data.” — Associate Director, Insights, Top 10 global pharmaceutical company.

“Our vision was to create a flexible, state-of-the-art data infrastructure that would allow our analysts to transform the data rapidly with a very low risk of error. After working with DataKitchen for a while, we noticed almost an absolute absence of data errors we didn’t catch earlier. That was amazing for the team.”  Director, Data Analytics Team

“We had some data issues. Databricks was all green. Thanks to Observability, I could diagnose the problem – definitely helped me a lot during the process.” Industrial Data Team Member

Key Statistics with DataKitchen in Place: 

70 data sets, billions of rows of data processed monthly, with less than one error per quarter

Related Benefits

  • Increased end-user data trust
  • Reduced number of team data incidents and corresponding team time savings
  • Increase SLA adherence and on-time metrics
  • Wrong data or wrong reports/models are very costly to your business.  Data errors can cause compliance risks.
  • Business users lose trust in the data and have an opportunity cost.


Find and Respond to Problems Faster

Key Benefit

Problems in complex data systems will happen.   Can you identify those problems and find the sources quickly before your customers see them?  Given today’s complicated, multi-tool, multi-team data environments, this is challenging.

DataKitchen Customer Quotes

“It is a huge productivity win when someone on the team no longer needs to log in and monitor runs constantly. I used to be very, very careful when changing anything data-related, but I think you’re starting to see that it’s not that big a deal anymore because [if something goes wrong] we can now figure out what happened pretty quickly, and we can adjust it.“  Data Engineering lead, Financial Service Company

Key Statistics with DataKitchen in Place: 

“We effectively integrated a huge number of external data sources of varying quality and then updated data delivery frequency from once per day to once every 30 minutes because of automatically generated data processes and data quality production alerts.”  Global Pharma Company

Related Benefits

  • Improve time to remediation.
  • Lowers ‘data downtime’ when business users are not using the data 
  • Lowers the amount of team time on re-work and remediation


Improved Team Productivity

Key Benefit

In 2022 and 2023, Gartner stated that a 10x productivity edge exists for DataOps- (including data observability) driven data engineering teams.   If data teams are not manually chasing production errors and their root causes, they will have more time to add value to your business.

DataKitchen Customer Quotes

“.. its ability to put a baseline metrics lens over top of the data ecosystem. And by doing that, you can very simply draw attention to areas and provide data, KPIs, and metrics that people will believe.  It’s not you making stuff up anymore. It’s definitive, and that changes the game, especially for senior leadership.”

“DataKitchen helped us completely transform our operations by broadening our testing definition. Testing the DataKitchen way was not limited to checking for basic attributes such as columns and rows; we expanded testing to include data accuracy and continuity. Tests assess important questions, such as “Is the data correct?” When business rules are applied, “Does the data make sense?” “Is there something new or unusual,” and does the data align with its history and related data sets?” The DataKitchen platform not only makes this level of testing possible but also practical.”

Related Benefits

  • Improved Data Quality Validation Testing
  • Example: One data team Increased the number of data quality tests from a dozen to over 10,000 with DataKitchen
  • Improved ability to measure team productivity and challenges
  • Improved data team happiness



“Key Success Metrics for DataKitchen DataOps Observability” showcases how DataKitchen’s DataOps Observability significantly reduces production errors, ensuring that data teams and their stakeholders can trust their data while dramatically increasing operational efficiency. Through compelling testimonials from industry leaders, including a Top 10 global pharmaceutical company and a prominent data analytics team, the blog illustrates the profound impact of DataKitchen’s data observability on reducing data errors to nearly zero and bolstering team productivity. With less than one error per quarter across 70 datasets processing billions of rows of data, the benefits extend beyond error reduction to include increased SLA adherence, enhanced end-user data trust, and improved team productivity. Gartner’s research underscores a 10x productivity edge for DataOps-driven teams, highlighting the transformational potential of DataKitchen in expanding the testing scope for data accuracy, continuity, and correctness. This paradigm shift in data observability allows teams to shift from manual error chasing to adding significant business value, fostering innovation and satisfaction among data professionals.

To explore how DataKitchen can redefine data observability for your organization and revolutionize your data operations, we invite you to learn more about our software and its transformative capabilities.

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