Collaboration & Sharing

Collaboration Made Possible

Data teams are plagued with errors and slow deployment due to complicated organizational structures. Different teams use different tools and work in different locations. Kitchens are an exciting feature of the DataKitchen DataOps Platform that make collaboration and teamwork a breeze.

Work Independently….and Together

When users work in Kitchen workspaces, they can work independently in different locations, using different tools, and access different data centers or cloud resources, and then orchestrate the collective work with confidence.

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All the Power of Version Control

Git integration enables your team to be productive without disrupting each other’s work. Effortlessly resolve code conflicts before deployment, in order to push work forward to production with agility.

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Boost Team Productivity

Don’t recreate the wheel.  The DataKitchen Platform enables anyone to save, reuse, and share important analytic components with other team members.

Finally, A Single Pane of Glass

Collaboration is easy when everyone uses the same platform. A single system-level view of the end-to-end analytic process enables everyone to see how their work impacts the whole. 


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