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MIT CDOIQ: You Need “Mission Control” For Data Operations

It’s a dirty secret in the data world – our customers don’t trust the data and insights our teams spend so long creating. After millions invested, why are our data pipelines late? Why do our data teams hear ‘the data is wrong,’ and 78% want their job to come with a therapist? When NASA and SpaceX fail, they bring together all the relevant operational data in one place to react to problems quickly and learn from their mistakes.

DataOps Mission Control is a must-have for any successful data and analytics team because it is the most effective way to deliver better, trusted analytics faster. In this talk, Chris Bergh, CEO and Head Chef at DataKitchen, answers these questions:

  • Why does the lack of an enterprise-wide view of the multitude of data analytics pipelines in production causes repeated failures and missed deadlines?
  • How Observability of data, tools, and systems drives improving outcomes for your customers
  • Why reducing production errors and monitoring data teams development drastically improves team productivity.


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